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Andrea and Bill are thrilled to announce that Reid’s Fine Furnishings is once again carrying pieces from the Kindel Furniture Company!

Reid’s is committed to quality, American-manufactured furnishings that maintain their value over time. Kindel, a true, American luxury brand, embodies the furniture-making practices we most respect – time-honored techniques and a commitment to details like bench assembly, hand-selected veneers and hand carving.

Founder Charles J. Kindel had a vision to build the world’s finest furniture, and for over 100 years, the Kindel Furniture Company has upheld their principles of quality craftsmanship and authenticity. That founding vision also fostered Kindel’s custom furniture productions. The company continues to produce traditional styles and relevant designs, and their made-to-order practices allow you to customize any creation to your exact tastes.

While other manufacturers compromise quality to save costs, Kindel takes pride in their American-made standard. All of their furnishings are hand-crafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Today, Kindel is one of the most recognized American furniture companies. Their attention to detail, complex finishing process and timeless designs make certain owners will cherish their fine furniture for years to come. Specific pieces by Kindel can be classified as investment-grade furniture – true works of art that are not only functional and retain their value, but are sure to be admired in your home.

Andrea and Bill hand-pick each piece of merchandise that graces our showroom floors, and they’re proud to count Kindel furnishings among them.

Learn more about our Kindel collection by contacting us online or coming by our Roanoke or Forest showrooms today!

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Now through February 20th, find incredible savings on your favorite piece of Stickley furniture during the Presidents' Day Sale at Reid’s Fine Furnishings! Each beautiful, handcrafted piece holds lasting value and will be a stunning addition to your collection. 

“This is a rare opportunity to get such a low price on Stickley furnishings,” says Andrea Reid, co-owner of Reid’s. “Many fans of Stickley’s superior craftsmanship eagerly await this sale all year long.”

Shop this exclusive offer and more at Reid’s Fine Furnishings! Stop by our showroom in Roanoke or Forest, Virginia to experience our hand-picked Stickley furnishings.

DON'T MISS this deal.  See you soon!

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Think of the items you've purchased recently. How many of them will be more valuable in 100 years than they are today? How many can be passed down through the generations as “tomorrow’s antiques?”

Reid’s Fine Furnishings proudly carries collections from some of the world’s best furniture makers, including Stickley.

Founded by a group of brothers in 1900, Stickley Furniture began with an old Flemish craftsman’s phrase – Als Ik Kan – “to the best of my ability.” Gustav Stickley, one of the founders, marked his product with the saying as his personal guarantee that Stickley furniture was crafted from the highest-quality materials with honor, integrity and pride.

These 3 words have been the guiding mantra of Stickley ever since. Even today, 116 years later, Stickley furnishings still feature solid construction, what-you-see-is-what-you-get joinery, and the finest woods available, finished with clear dyes that allow the natural grain to sparkle.

It’s these unique, handcrafted practices and time-honored techniques that make Stickley an important figure in the history of our nation’s furniture. You’ll find Stickley pieces in some of America's most renowned museums, including:

The Stickley Company even founded its own museum – The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms – dedicated to showcasing how their furnishings have impacted the American way of life.

At Reid’s, we believe in the value of thoughtful, handcrafted pieces. With Stickley Furniture, you can share your investment as antiques you pass along to your grandchildren.

To learn more about the Stickley story, contact us online, call us at 540.342.1844 or stop by Reid’s Fine Furnishings' showrooms in Roanoke or Forest today!