Does flipping through magazines gives you holiday decor envy? Our interior designers have a few tips that will help you decorate for the holidays like a pro.

Choose a Theme

Think about how you celebrate the holidays and choose a color scheme. If you're the traditional type, a classic red, green & gold color scheme is a good place to start. Like to host fancy-dress cocktail parties? A sophisticated metallic color pallette will set the right tone. Famous for your no-holds-barred New Year's bash? You might like a funky riff on classic holiday colors like metallic magenta and electric green.


Summer is in full swing and the team at Reid’s is excited to share all the trends that they learned about at the Spring 2017 High Point Furniture Market. 


By mixing brass with other metals, you can buck the “everything has to match” trend and make your home feel more lived in and inviting.   

New Look for Wood Furniture

Step away from the traditional brown color and liven up your home with grey, sand or beige colored wood furniture and fixtures that are now in our showroom.

Lots of Artwork

From paintings to furniture, art was everywhere at this year’s market. Many pieces currently in our showroom feature bright colors that have been mixed with greys and whites.

Charleston Forge

Sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, end tables…is there anything Charleston Forge can’t do well? We invested in some beautiful sets from this manufacturer that are already in our showroom.

Motion Sofas and Recliners

Furniture with electric controls was particularly popular at this season’s market. You’ll be able to lean back and relax with a number of stylish options that we’ll soon be adding to our showroom floor.

Gat Creek

We’ll be adding a variety of new furniture from Gat Creek soon, which is good news for anyone looking to capture classic American style.

See all the summer/fall styles and trends from High Point Market, and add your name to our email list to get updates on sales events and new showroom additions.  

reids gold 2

Reid’s Fine Furnishings is proud to announce it has been awarded Gold in the Best Furniture Store category by readers of The Roanoker in the magazine’s Best of Roanoke 2017 contest.

"It's wonderful to see so many local businesses and organizations honored for their part in making Roanoke a great place to live," said Reid's owner Andrea Waide.

Waide and the rest of the employees of Reid’s are always delighted when the store receives recognition for providing quality furniture and customer service to the residents of Roanoke. Receiving Gold in the Best of Roanoke – an award decided by the people of Roanoke – is “especially rewarding since it comes directly from the people who shop with us,” she added.

About the Award

The Best of Roanoke is an annual contest hosted by The Roanoker. Readers of the magazine vote for their favorite person, business or organization in a variety of different categories. This year, there were 158 categories for readers to vote on that ranged from “TV Person You Rely on Most” to “Best Craft Beer Brewery.”

This year’s top award winners include: Grandin Theatre for “Best Movie Theater,” Zack Jackson of K92 for “Most Fun on the Radio (Personality)” and Ed Walker for “Most Brilliant Mind.”

Reid’s Fine Furnishings would like to thank everyone who voted for the store and took part in the voting. For the full list of winners, visit

home office furniture

It seems that more people than ever before now have a home office. But while many people focus on aesthetic style when designing their space, it’s also important to create an environment that’s comfortable and distraction-free. Reid’s Fine Furnishings has a wide selection of home office furniture to fit your tastes and needs.

Here are some tips to help you create a functional, comfortable home office.

Choosing a Chair

The chair in your home office should be functional and comfortable since you will be spending several hours a day sitting. Lumbar support and height-adjustment features are essential, and a rotating base with wheels will allow you to move around easily.

Modern, minimalist designs are a top choice for most people buying home office furniture at Reid’s. To add warmth and sophistication, we suggest choosing a chair model made of wood, leather or other natural materials.

Picking the Right Desk

Remember size, form and function when choosing your desk. Choose a desk that’s the right height for your body and the right width and depth for your needs. The optimum distance from your eyes to your computer monitor is 16-30 inches.

Resist the urge to decorate with accessories clutter your work surface.

Working in the Sun

Natural light regulates circadian rhythm and has been proven to make people more productive. Position your desk in a place where you can get plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

One downside to natural light is the glare it causes on a computer screen, which can lead to eye strain. We suggest positioning your desk perpendicular to windows so you still enjoy the sunlight without a glare on your screen.

Like the rest of your home, your home office should be stylish and make you feel comfortable. The associates at Reid’s Fine Furnishings can help you choose office furniture that matches your tastes and fit your needs. Browse our online showroom or visit one of our showroom locations in Roanoke or Forest, VA to see our selection of home office furniture.

choosing a mattressFinding the perfect mattress is the first step toward getting a luxurious night’s sleep, but the selection of mattress types and sizes can sometimes be overwhelming for customers.

We’ve compiled this list to help you find the right mattress to fit your needs.

Do your Homework

Determine what size and type of mattress you need. If you remember getting a good night’s sleep at a hotel or friend’s house, try to remember the size of the mattress and if it was soft or firm.

Determine a Budget

Mattresses can have a wide range of prices. Make sure you have a budget in mind before you come in and find a mattress you love, only to be discouraged because it is out of your price range.

Ask an Expert for Help

The associates at Reid’s Fine Furnishings are friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to mattresses. Describe what you’re looking for and they can make the right suggestions.

Try it out!

If you think you’ve found the right mattress, kick off your shoes and lie down in multiple positions to make sure it meets your needs. If it’s not the right feel for you, try out another mattress until you find the perfect one. We suggest wearing comfortable clothing when you’re mattress shopping so you can get a true feel for the bed.

Reid’s Custom Mattress Collection has options for every kind of sleeper. From firm to soft, you’ll find the comfort you need with the luxury you deserve. With a 15-year non pro-rated warranty, you can sleep well knowing you’ll have a comfortable mattress for years to come. Visit our showrooms in Roanoke and Forest to find the right mattress for you.